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Definition of Blockchain Betting

Enjoy the safest and fairest betting game! Operate your own casino! Fantastic token economy where the total circulation decreases!

BTEN - Definition of Blockchain Betting

BTEN Protocol is a decentralized platform opened for both gamers and game operators,
where game operators can conveniently participate by utilizing the tools of BTEN Protocol.
The sensational two-way open structure not only provides opportunities to have fun and generate revenue,
but also completely eliminates concerns regarding fairness of a betting platform.

Bidirectional Decentralized Open Platform

BTEN protocol - enjoy faiir game, operate your own casino

Ensured fairness and transparency through the blockchain technology Secured privacy and reduced service fees by using cryptocurrency Rewarded for mileage acquired from playing games

Game Operators

Able to run a betting site through simple operating tool Provide marketing and promotional tools Blockchain based revenue calculation and customer management

Content Providers

Simple contents integration through API and SDK Possible to get a reward without any extra cost through the blockchain technology Combine betting system in typical game genres such as puzzle, shooting and sports along with popular gambling games including sports betting, live casino, poker, slot machines

Competitive Edge of BTEN



Beta Service Launch of BET ENCORE Acquire Curacao Gambling License Acquire GLI RNG Certification


Acquire Full GLI Certification Acquire Malta Gambling License BTEN Mainnet Launch Grand Opening of BET ENCORE


Acquire Nevada Gambling License


BTEN tokens are used for game play and participant reward on BET ENCORE PLATFORM. In addition, BTEN token itself has a monetary value and is available in exchanges, shop, and services. It is expected inflation would occur as BTEN PROTOCOL is vitalized.

  1. 1. Vitalize protocols through game play – Increase in demand
  2. 2. PoS mining – Increase in demand
  3. 3. Incinerate a portion of house edge

BTEN TGE will be done through ERC 20. Mainnet will be developed based on 3rd generation coin, and details will be announced later. It applies hybrid mining system in both 80% of PoS and 20% of PoW methods. It is possible to participate in mining through the app wallet, and expected tight liquidity due to PoS mining.

0.1% per month Decrease of Issue Amount

After launching its own Mainnet, 0.1% of total issued BTEN tokens will be burnt per month, and it will result in at least 12% of token burning in 10 years. BTEN token will be burnt from generated profit. However if the amount is insufficient, tokens will be burnt from reserved portion.

BTEN TGE (Token Generation Event)

Current Stage : Pre-ICO Token Exchange rate : 1 BTEN = 0.022 USD Equivalent of Ethereum (ETH)
Total issued BTEN
6,000,000,000 BTEN (6 Billion)
1,000,000 USD (Already Achieved)
20,000,000 USD Equivalent of Ethereum (ETH)
ICO based price per BTEN
1 BTEN = 0.022 USD Equivalent of Ethereum (ETH)
Accepted currency
Coin Allocation Coin Allocation : supporters(TGE Participants) 25%,Reserve 25%, Team BTEN 15%, Market Activation 20%, Advisor 5%, Partner Program 10% Capital Outlay Capital Outlay : R&D 30%, Business Operation 20%, Marketing 40%, Others 10%



TEAM BTEN is formed with expert members from major game companies that is highly skilled in commercial game planning and technology.
Members boast outstanding teamwork from cooperating for a long time.
The team possesses skills in Unity 3D engine, game server capable of holding mass volume traffic, AWS and block chain technology.
It specially has plenty of know-hows in casino game development with experiences of acquiring the online gambling license from the UK Online Gambling Commission, supplying slot machines to casinos in Macau, and acquiring GLI certification over multiple times.
TEAM BTEN is the leader of 3rd Generation social casino that provides the true nature of casino, “Enjoying together”.

Games affiliated with BTEN have the highest quality performance statistics in the industry with excellent quality and rich content.

US $1.30 ARPDAU(August,2018)


  • Jason CEO
  • Justin CTO
  • James CSO
  • Malcolm ICO
  • Leo Head of Development
  • Aiden Server Programmer
  • Logan Server Programmer
  • Ryan Server Programmer
  • Luke Server Programmer
  • Kenneth Game
  • Jacob Game
  • Jayden Web
  • Freddie Web
  • Ella Lead UX
  • Mason Graphic
  • David Graphic
  • Andrew Sound
  • Jae Business Development
  • Ian SEA Sales
  • Kenta FEA Sales
  • Kyle Marketing Director
  • Zhi Ying Marketing
  • Václav Marketing
  • Muslimat Customer
    Growth Manager

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